The AFF / PAC course

The AFF / PAC course

The AFF / PAC course is aimed at those who wish to quickly learn to jump solo in all safety.


The Accelerated Free Fall is certainly the most efficient way to discover and learn the freefalling techniques. The training includes :


  • explanation on the structure, maintenance and functioning of equipment ;
  • every aspect of the aeroplane and the free fall ;
  • piloting the parachute and landing ;
  • folding rectangular parachutes (known as wings).


The course includes 6 hours of training on the ground and 7 jumps for the examination. For each jump, a briefing and debriefing take place with the support of the video tape for a better understanding.


The origins of the AFF

In the 80’s, Ken Coleman created, with the support of the USPA, a training programme including 7 different levels (each level corresponds to a type of jump).


He developed new techniques to improve the evolution of the trainee and to ensure his safety as well as the safety of the instructor. At every level, the trainee learns to feel the stability, to turn, to master the speed of the fall, the saltos, etc…


Once the trainee has successfully completed the programme, he can begin to practice the various disciplines that freefalling offers : relative flight, contact flight, free fly, free style, stunt flying, precision landing, wingsuit, etc…