Gravity Park is happy to welcome on its site the Centre Aéronautique Carolorégien asbl (C.A.C), whose first vocation is the promotion of sportive aviation, in particular gliding.

For the well-informed reader, we should like to stress that gliding is a sport. It is the practice of the glider, or ‘motor-less’ flying. Whether it is leisure or competitive, the practice of this sport consists in exploiting the air currents or ‘ascents’ with a glider, in order to fly the greatest possible distances.

This discipline requires skilfulness, concentration, the sense of observation, endurance and a taste for performance. If you want to know more about the art and technique of motor-less aeroplanes, the gliders, please visit the official site of the federation of francophone clubs, where you will find more information on glider training.

The C.A.C. provides theoretical and practical training. Marius Cohard is available for further information on the following numbers:

Tel 32 71 517 972

Fax 32 71 562 112