As for aeroplanes, Gravity Park is proud to welcome the dynamic team of the "Club Aéronautique des Lacs". The latter is also implemented on the Belval airfield, a platform situated at 20 minutes flight from Gravity Park, just across the French-Belgium border.


Now that Europe has an increasing impact on our daily lives, it was imperative to innovate by creating a trans-border synergy. Hence, at the initiative of several pilots, we decided to open a transit lounge allowing Belgian pilots registered in Charleville to fly or follow their training course from the Cerfontaine airfield, and French pilots to have a ‘home-base’ in another country.


Furthermore, the conviviality and dynamism of the Cerfontaine platform means that some members of the "Club Aéronautique des Lacs" have become deputy commander of the airfield.


Lounge manager:
Belgium: Bernard Sorel +32 475 660 700