Soon after the opening of the site, an inventory of the biodiversity of the platform was conducted by specialists. The interest of the site comes from its wide areas of semi-natural fields with diversified flora in a favourable environment (fields, woods, water at proximity). This first survey will be finalised in spring 2008. Already, an environmental management chart has been drawn and is being applied. This unique proposal for an airfield allies economy, ecology and realism in the aim of making Gravity Park an area of excellence for the respect of the diversity of the activities on offer.


In parallel, an ecological audit of the buildings implemented on site should allow – amongst other things – to reduce energy consumption in the long-term for both electricity and oil.


The project for an aeronautic village includes, from the very beginning, our preoccupation to limit the impact on the environment. Today’s global-level stakes focus on three areas: the environment, tourism, and the new technologies for communication and mobility.


Gravity Park resolutely wants to fall within the scope of this dynamic of research and reflection to sensitise the public to the environment. This process can be conducted by taking a didactic walk or a seminar on an aeronautic that would be more respectful of its environment similar to the talks held in Aix-en-Provence in October 2006.